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Nothing much is going on… working on fixing other peoples bugs or things that become broken over time this week – always challenging to sort through other peoples code to determine what the problems are. Going pretty well.

Steve talked about the shows he is watching in his blog so I guess I can update with what shows we are watching, which is (as always) way to long a list.

Arrested Development continues to be my favorite new comedy. Always very entertaining.

Criminal Minds is another show along the lines of CSI. It is new (only two episodes so far) but quite promising. Some neat effects and good stories, we’ll definitely keep trying this one.

Surface has been interesting but not quite as gripping as I had hoped. We’ll keep watching to see where it is going.

Lost — I think I mentioned we did a huge catch up watching Lost last weekend. This continues to be my current favorite of the serial drama (sci-fi?). Very interesting story that continues to be very interesting.

Prison Break – Very interesting. It is hard to imagine they will carry more than about a season of this, but, the first 6 or 7 shows have been very good. Good characters, nice development.

CSI (and Miami and New York) continues to be well written and interesting.

Ultimate Fighter season two is more of season one, but, if you are into the fighting stuff it is a lot of fun.

My Name is Earl has been funny although not of the caliber of Arrested Development. I question whether than can get more than about a season of it, but, fun so far.

Numb3rs and Bones has been pretty much another CSI. Not bad, but, they doesn’t really stand out yet. They are interesting for what they are, but, there are so many shows like this already. We’ll see.

House, M.D. very witty, well written. We like house a lot. Requires a pretty dark sense of humor.

Ultimately, we watch a lot of TV. If you were going to pick up one or two I would recommend Lost and Prison Break.

Not a ton planned for the weekend. Probably on Sunday we will go into the city to the Museum – an Egyptian Medicine thing I think. It is supposed to be rainy all weekend, which is nice. Maybe fall is really here.

Reading Stiff by Mary Roach. Very compelling. About 2/3 through it, highly recommend it if you have the stomach to read a book about the history of cadavers.

Until next time…

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