Watching Commercials…

I am spending my time right now watching commercials… this must mean the Superbowl is on. Like an undoubtedly growing number of folks, this is the one show I don’t watch (I am not a sports-on-tv fan, but, I do watch the commercials. The funny thing is that my instincts are now so honed that I reach for the fast forward button, probably, at least once per commercial break. So far, my favorites are an AmeriQuest and the Bud Light commercials, but, we’re still in the first quarter. I am unlikely to watch the half-time show as any sort of wardrobe malfunctions Mick Jagger is likely to have won’t anything but scare me.

Running commentary…

The “Addicted to Lost” commercial made me laugh. If you don’t watch the show you wouldn’t get it, though.

The Spring commercials have been pretty good.

Sorry, I did watch some of the half-time show. Mick needs to put on a few pounds. They all look pretty scary.  Ouch, it is a bunch of grandpas on stage. They really cannot say “You made a grown man cry,” should be “… and old man cry” now.

The commercials for Desperate Housewives don’t do anything for me, but, I don’t watch the show.

New ABC show The Evidence looks kind of interesting. Mostly CSI, but, we’ll see.

They have these “mini-commercials” during the game to fake us out. Doh.

The AmeriQuest Don’t Judge Too Quickly commercials continue to amuse me.

It Budweiser baby Clydesdale commercial was nice.

Haha the Fabio commercial… I was about to gag until…

The movie Shaggie Dog looks terrible, V is for Vendetta looks interesting.

Well, the game is now over. Amazingly, they only went over by about 26 minutes. Thecommercials werea probably about par. Some fun, some stupid, none were absolutely amazing, but…

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