I started playing the platformer Psychonauts for the Xbox this last weekend. I had seen it around but dismissed it as just another game. I prefer to only play the really standout games. After seeing the X-Play named it the platformer of 2005 I decided it was worth a try. I am happy to say I agree, it is really a spectacular game. The graphics are great, the sound is great, the platforming is tons of fun. The game is psychedelic and trippy, but, it enhances the game, doesn’t take away from it. This is a fun game. I think it is out on other systems (Xbox, PS2, and PC, I think). The boss battles aren’t unmanageably difficult. The game tends to notice when you are stuck doing something and will give you hints, which is really nice. You can always ask the game for hints (which are generally helpful). Good for almost any age, not too hard and not too easy.

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