Movies and TV

We went to see two movies yesterday, The Lake House and Clerks II. In spite of Keanu and Bullock (not my two favorite actor-persons), The Lake House was really, really good – I would highly recommend it pretty much anybody. It was well acted, written, the story was solid, and unlike most movies which play with time stuff there are no gaping problems. Good movie.

Clerks II was a solid Kevin Smith offering. It was very funny, but, not for the easily offended or even the somewhat easily offended. Basically, if you like Kevin Smith movies you will like Clerks II. Occasionally it felt like he was trying a little too hard, but, it was a lot of fun.

We also saw new Sci-Fi show Eureka — it shows some real promise. The first few episodes of Psych have also showed some promise, funny and quirky. We watched the first episode of of Kyle XY and weren’t quite as warm on it, but, may watch a few more to see. Lucky Louie is kind of amusing but seems to try to push the taste boundaries just to push them and I’m not totally enamored with the characters yet, we’ll see. Finally, we really enjoyed It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, better and funnier than most.

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