Screen Protectors

Probably since getting my first Apple Newton, I have been wanting to keep my devices (especially the screens) scratch free. I used the WriteRIGHT protectors long before Fellowes bought the the brand, back when you had to mail order them, and I have tried several iPod cases and protectors. I had high hopes for each of them, I thought for sure the Griffin iClear would be perfect — they say it is hard to scratch, but, it was scratched up practically before I got it home. I really liked that the Speck SkinTight provided good protection, but, the screen scratched / marred somewhat easily and since I do watch video (especially video podcasts), a clear screen is important to me. I had all but given up hope. Until…

Thanks to Major Nelson’s podcast, I found ShieldZone’s Invisible Shield. They make these protectors for every imaginable device, it is easy easy easy to apply, and while it isn’t ultra cheap, it isn’t expensive and you only have to buy ONE (per device), if you manage to scratch it they will replace it for $3 to cover shipping (after you return the scratched-up one). Plus, initial shipping is free. I bought a screen protector for my Treo 650 and a full body protector for my iPod and I can tell you this is the best anti-scratch protector going, bar none. Keep in mind it doesn’t add any drop protection, but, if your iPod is still in one piece after you drop it, it won’t be scratched. If you are still in doubt watch their videos and order one. Thanks to their “application solution” (spray) it is far easier to apply than any other screen protector I have ever used. Sorry to sound like an advertisement, but, I really am pleased with this and want others to know.

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