Our Weekend…

Had a great pre-Halloween weekend. Spent some time with my wife’s brother Bob playing (who was visiting few a couple days from Alaska) Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (GRAW) on the Xbox 360. We had a lot of fun – several hours doing cooperative campaign play. I introduced him to Splinter Cell, we’ll see if I have made a fan or not 🙂

We went to a Halloween party dressed as doctors (apparently a pretty popular costume). The party was at our son’s girlfriend’s sister’s apartment. Our son and his girlfriend live in Albuquerque, NM but her sister lives here in NYC. I think everybody had a great time – nice people.

Did the usual Sunday evening games with folks from our apartments – we are developing quite the group of regular players – nine folks this evening. We again played a card game named Bohnanza (the “bean” game) — we have played it before and really enjoy it each time. It does get a little crazy with nine people, though.

Deb and I are both continuing to hone our Lumines Live skills (on the Xbox 360) and we are both definitely improving. It is a fun, very addictive game. This evening I got over 31,000 points – a huge improvement over even a couple days ago. I am sure in no time I will do even better. I was so happy to finally get the first Achievement in the game by reaching 20,000 points.

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