Tons of movies

I seen a ton of movies recently (some older, some new). Here is the scoop:

Turistas: This turned out to be better than I anticipated. I knew the general story before going – sort of like Hostel, but, it wasn’t nearly as violent and there are far fewer moments where you say “nobody would do that”. While you wouldn’t ever want to be in these situations, this movie felt much more like reality than most movies that would be dubbed “horror”. I enjoyed it, but, not a movie for most.
Deja Vu: I was hoping for the best and expecting something less than stellar with this one, but, I was really pleasantly surprised. I thought they handled the “time paradox” stuff really well with a very interesting story. I would recommend this movie to almost anyone, especially anyone who enjoys sci-fi.
Awake: This was a sneak preview, so, it won’t be in general release until sometime next year. I had absolutely no expectations. I read the blurb on IMDB but knew nothing else. I won’t tell you anything about it, and you should go into the movie with as little information as possible, but, I think almost everyone (well, not the kiddies) can probably enjoy this movie if they enjoy the “Drama / Thriller” category – there is a little blood (surgical), but, it is by no means a slasher or horror film. Go see it, but don’t read any more about it from anywhere.
Borat: I laughed really, really hard in parts of this movie but it often felt either under-developed – lots of things could have been longer (and a few shorter). So, I had a good time but I think it could have been even funnier. Not very many people who I would recommend this movie to, but, those who aren’t offended will have a good time.
The Fountain: I like Darren Aronofsky’s movies a lot… Pi and Requiem are both great movies (although I don’t generally suggest Requiem to people, it is a very uncomfortable movie). This movie is slow and deliberate and very non-linear, but, it was very, very interesting. Probably you will love it or hate it. Must be patient and enjoy sci-fi, but, if this sounds like you, you will probably really like it.

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