Crackdown for 360, WOW

I picked up Crackdown (or read a review) for the Xbox360 based on all the podcast buzz, played it last night and WOW what a fun game. I cannot wait for some people on my friends list to get it so I can play it co-op. I played a little bit of some other “sandbox” games (like GTA, Saints Row, etc.) but this game is (to me) SO much more than those – maybe they have more depth in the types of of missions, but, this game is an absolute blast. As your stats increase (notably agility) you can bound across buildings, climb to to the top of skyscrapers, etc. The targeting system is really nice, the explosions are amazing. The driving is tight. The cell shaded style makes the game look stunning. I am just incredibly impressed with this game. Pick it up, add me to your friend’s list, let’s play.

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