The Weekend

We went to see the movie Sunshine which is in limited US release. Sunshine is Sci-fi about movie about taking a trip to our sun which is dieing in order to place a huge bomb on it to “jump start it”. It is a really beautiful movie that is often believable. Most of the story is really intriguing and well done, but sadly it isn’t perfect. It is mostly 2001, sometimes Aliens (without an “Alien”, well, not really). It does the 2001 parts really right. I thought the scary part (toward the end) could have just been removed and somehow rewritten, but I did enjoy it – it was just one of those movies where I said to myself “if they had just done X it would have been perfect” – oh well 🙂

On Friday after the movie, we went down to Scholastic (in Soho?) to see Harry Potter pre-launch festivities. People are (obviously) really excited about the new book. We saw the latest movie and enjoyed it, I have read the first four books, but these people are fanatics. Fun, though.

On Saturday we got caught up on the show Ice Road Truckers (History Channel), which is pretty interesting and I played some Call of Duty 2 on the 360. I played the first few missions on “Veteran” difficult which proved to be a touch too frustrating. After dropping the difficulty down to “Regular” I enjoyed the game a lot more. Went back and got a few more achievements in Crackdown (again, on the 360). I also got to the 8th and final set of songs on GH2 on Hard, and they are pretty hard

We’re continuing to watch John From Cincinnati on HBO – which is getting (continuing to be?) very bizarre. The missus likens it to Twin Peaks, which is probably pretty appropriate. We are enjoying it but have no idea where it is going (well, a few ideas, but…).

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