Sweeny Todd, Change in Hosting

We saw Burton & Depp‘s new movie Sweeny Todd and the Ridiculously Long Title. I haven’t seen the Sondheim Broadway musical on which it was based, but the movie is fantastic, but I can’t imagine it will be a box office success. First, it is absolutely a musical. The music is really nice and all the voices and music are top notch, but I don’t see the average American film-goer going to a musical. Secondly, it is (deservedly) R-rated and while there were lots of folks there with their teen and pre-teen kids, it is bloody (drip drip drip). I don’t mean “I nicked myself shaving” bloody, I mean “I’ve seen slasher films with a smaller body count and less blood” bloody. But, all that said, we really enjoyed it and don’t feel bad that we paid full price to see it on the big screen. I would categorize it as an intensely dark comedy / tragedy with really nice singing and music. If what I have said so far doesn’t turn you off, run out and see it – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I am just completing the changeover of my hosting provider. I was previously with made2own.com and while they have offered relatively good service and hosting, I am now using Hostgator.com and (so far) I am incredibly pleased with them – while I would say it is still over-priced, their price is considerably better and their email support is a lot faster (or it has been so far). I would have stayed with my previous provider, but they decided their hosting service should cost nearly 5 times as much as they charged in the past few years, which I think is crazy.

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