The Uber-weekend so far

I’m still liking my new hosting provider. With some luck, nobody will know the difference (except me).  Their time to respond to support / questions via email is much faster than any hosting provider I have used in the past.

I went (without the missus) to see Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and Alien vs. Predator Reqium. Both movies where exactly what I expected, if you have an opinion, it will probably match your opinion. If you like those kinds of movies, go see them. Dewey Cox was silly, somewhat funny but not “over the top” funny. AvPR had a tremendously high body count (even higher than Sweeny Todd) but was pretty much a movie focused at the teenage boy – not really for the connoisseur or Alien OR Predator. AvP (the original) was better than I expected, this one was “as expected.” Oh well.

I am still greatly enjoying Orange Box (on the 360). Even though I previously played Half-Life 2 and (started playing but never finished) Half-Life 2 Episode One on the PC, I would still say everyone needs to get Orange Box for their respective system (unless you don’t play games / shooters…). The Half-Life series is absolutely the best set of games (better, I dare say, than anything Halo has imagined) — and Portal, I can’t say enough good things about Portal. If you don’t play games, have someone you love (who does play games) play Portal for you, what a game. And then they throw in Team Fortress 2? What a package. I finished Half-Life 2 tonight from Orange Box on the 360 and I am still blown away. Sure, maybe it isn’t Half-Life (the original) but it is a super, super solid game. The bump in graphics they gave it on the 360 is evident. They made a beautiful game look even better. Also, the addition of achievements is always welcome. I have started (again) playing Half-Life 2 Episode One and am looking forward to Episode Two.

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