The Strangers, GTA IV: One Hundred Percent!

Over the weekend I went to see The Strangers, a suspense horror film. If you saw the trailers and thought it looked interesting, you will probably like it. It was very effective at building the tension. There is actually very little blood and gore in this film, it mostly just tries to demonstrate the fear the characters are experiencing. For that reason, I enjoyed the movie. It isn’t a 10/10, but if you like the genre I would call it a solid 8/10.

After 82+ hours of play, I finished Grand Theft Auto IV to 100%. There are still some achievements I can get and there is the multiplayer that I haven’t even touched, but I am finished with the absolutely majority of the game. I can safely say GTA IV is a contender for game of the year, nothing so far this year even comes close, although the year is still young – Fallout 3, Too Human, Metal Gear Solid 4, Gear of War 2, and several others are still to come, so we’ll see.

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