The missus and I are watching Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance (we’ve watched it every year). This last week Katee and Joshua did a great Broadway dance to All For the Best from Godspell, which brought back a lot of memories for me; my mom used to listen to the Godspell album frequently. This led us to watching the Godspell movie via Netflix streaming over the weekend. The movie was filmed in New York City. There are lots of shots of the World Trade Center, Central Park, and Lincoln Center. Neither the missus nor I had previously seen the movie, but it was to fun to watch because we recognize many of the locations in the film and two of the actors have gone on to do quite a bit we’ve seen. The first, Victor Garber (who played Jesus) was most recently the boss in Eli Stone which the missus and I really enjoyed – interestingly, he does a bit of singing in Eli Stone, too. The second, Lynne Thigpen, is a very memorable character actor who appeared in lots of stuff including The District, L.A. Law, and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. On Saturday we were at Lincoln Center and saw the “shell” where they shot one of the songs in the movie.

According to Playbill, Godspell is returning to Broadway this summer. The missus and I may have to go see it.

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