Two Seth Rogens and a Birthday Party

Our niece just finished up a summer internship near us and came down to visit us before returning to school in Chicago. We took her down to Isla Staten for a friend’s (surprise) birthday party. A good time was had by all (as far as I can tell). It was nice to catch up with folks we haven’t seen in a year or so and it was fun to spend time with our niece. The missus took her to the airport before any self respecting rooster wakes up, but the missus is nice that way.

On Sunday we had a late breakfast with a friend (not the pretentious “brunch” … no champagne or lox involved). Afterward, the missus and I went to see Pineapple Express. I generally enjoy stuff with Seth Rogen and Pineapple Express was no different. While I though Superbad was a bit hit or miss, Pineapple had lots of genuine laugh out loud moments. The movie is aimed squarely at the stoner crowd who will probably think it is just about the funniest movie since Half Baked, I personally think Half Baked was a better movie, but Pineapple was a lot of fun. Very silly, very slap-sticky, very push the edge of tastey, but funny. If you saw the previews and wanted to see it: go. If the previews looked stupid to you: stay home. If Seth’s interview on the Daily Show offends you, stay home. The missus laughed really hard, but her final verdict was “pretty stupid movie” (but there were points where she was laughing herself to tears).

After the movie, the missus and I watched the first disc of the late 90’s TV show Freaks and Geeks, which (completely coincidentally) starred many of the same people as Pineapple Express. Our son recommended this show to us months ago, undoubtedly because of Seth Rogen’s involvement. We’ve now seen the first three episodes and are really enjoying the show. We’ll likely watch the rest of it (yay Netflix).

I played a couple games of Ticket to Ride online and got beaten both times. A lot of winning is about the destination cards you randomly draw, because I played both games well in my opinion.

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