Prepping for Scuba Jane

I started scuba diving a bit over six years ago and have been diving nearly 100 times, but sadly since we moved to the northeast I don’t dive as much as I would like. The water visibility and temperature up here isn’t as friendly, but I still dive on vacations and such when I get the chance. Two years ago on a cruise the missus tried a couple “discover scuba” dives and and (mostly) enjoyed it. We are preparing for another cruise this December, so I asked her if she would like to get certified so we could dive together in Roatan and Belize which should be great diving. Although she is still just a touch apprehensive about the whole process (which is understandable), she is excited to learn. We got her the requisite “personal gear” last night; the same gear that every scuba student needs when taking a scuba class (mask, snorkel, fins, boots). Her class should be starting her class in early September. Her certification dives should be in early October at nearby Dutch Springs. I look forward to tagging along and diving Dutch Springs. Maybe after she receives her certification, if she isn’t too tired, we can dive Dutch Springs together. I dove Dutch Springs once shortly after we moved here, but haven’t been back.

After she completes her certification, I am trying to figure out a little more diving we can do together to keep her skills fresh before the cruise, but with the cold months I am not sure what I will find in the way of options. Odlly, it leaves me missing Albuquerque where we could easily jaunt over to Blue Hole for some refresher diving where the water was cold, but consistent (60 degress all year); it can be snowing outside but the water temperature stays the same.

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