Fable (Revisited)

I stared playing  Fable nearly four years ago but didn’t get very far into the game before (??) I either got bored, got another game, or… who knows. In preparation for Fable II I played Fable II Pub Games (free because I pre-ordered Fable II) and had some fun with it — I unlocked all the special items and got all of the achievements, but, to really get ready for Fable II, I dusted off Fable for the original Xbox and started a new game. As best as I can tell, I got about as far tonight in Fable as I did four years ago when I played it. I have some degree of intention of finishing Fable before I play Fable II next month. We’ll see how it goes.

The real question in my mind is how Fable II will compare to Fallout 3, another RPG coming just a week after Fable II. Fallout 3 is made by the same folks who made Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, which I really enoyed.

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