Venezuela up in smoke

I’d say it was a quiet weekend, but if you lived in the apartment next door you might disagree (although thankfully, I think there is pretty good sound isoluation between apartments in our building). I spent a fair chunk of the weekend playing Mercenaries 2: World in Flames and at this point I would, without reservation, say this game is a blast. I’m completed roughly 50% of the game and it just gets more and more fun. Play-wise, it feels a lot like playing Crackdown without the super-jumps. The explosions are phenomonal and never get old. The almost completely destructable environment great. Some people have complained that the game is too forgiving (it is somewhat difficult to get killed), but I see that as a plus.

Other than play Mercenaries, I helped the missus check her understanding of the reading she is doing for her scuba class – she has completed one classroom session and has her first pool dives tonight. I think she is feeling better about scube in general now that she has almost completely finished her reading (one chapter to go) – I imagine she will be even more excited about the whole thing after her pool dives. I keep thinking how much fun we will have this winter diving in Belize.

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