Scuba Jane, RSN

The missus has finished her scuba pool work. During her final pool class, I did a quick “skills refresher” partially because I haven’t been diving as much lately and partially just to get in the pool to watch the class. In past weeks I had some medium-quality pics from above the water. This week I have some medium-quality pics from under the water. The picture quality isn’t great for several reasons including: I didn’t have the white balance set quite right at the beginning, the pool was a touch murky, the lighting in there is really weird, and because I wanted to keep a good distance between the class and me as to not disturb them.

She still has to do her “open water” certification dives at Dutch Springs in a week or so at which time I am planning to do some diving myself – I think I have somebody lined up who I can dive with. While I think she was apprehensive about diving at the start, I think she’s now having fun with it and is excited to do her open water dives and the upcoming vacation diving (I may make an avid diver out of her yet). I am looking foward to sharing the underwater world with her.

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