Scuba Jane, Fo’ Reals! and Dexter

The missus and I spent the weekend at Dutch Springs so she could do her certification dives, which were broken down into two days – three dives on Saturday and one dive on Sunday. She did a fantastic job but after three dives she was really wiped out (which is normal, diving is hard work plus when your learning it takes a lot of mental work, too). I dove with Alex, a “dive master in training,” who showed me more of underwater Dutch Springs than I got to see on the trip I took there two years ago. A few of us did underwater pumpkin carving, which was fun (I did it twice before at Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, NM). The second day was a lot lighter with just one dive. We talked about doing a second dive on Sunday, but she was still pretty tired from Saturday’s dives. We picked up Dutch Springs 2009 season passes, so we can dive and camp there from now through March, 2008 2010 – so we hope to do a lot of underwater exploration. I am looking forward to doing more diving in this next year. Predictably, some underwater pictures on flickr. She is now a fully certified Open Water dive. Yay!

I am half way through Dexter – Season 2. I watched most of season 1 and read Darkly Dreaming Dexter, both of which I enjoyed but missed out watching season two until recently. It’s a fun show with a dark sense of humor.

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