Action Packed Weekend

We had an action packed weekend. We started things off by attending a sneak preview for Transporter 3. I’ve seen all the Transporter movies and they are always an action filled good time. I general, I tend to like Jason Statham movies. Taking the missus to see it may have been a mistake, though – she now has a huge crush on Jason, but to be fair he has obviously spent a ton of time in the gym 🙂 The action and driving parts of the movie were really amazing. I wasn’t quite as enamored with supporting actress, Natalya Rudakova. Reportedly, she is originally from Russia but now lives in New York and Luc Besson, the film’s writer, saw here on the street as she was walking to her job and thought she might be perfect for the movie. Given that she wasn’t previously an actress, I’ll cut her a little slack – she wasn’t terrible in the movie, she just wasn’t as polished as I am used to seeing. My comment to the missus after the movie was that I didn’t think she did a good job with the accent, which is really funny because that probably really is her accent. I am sure the American movie-goer ear is just used to specific Russian accents and she has something slightly different. Anyway – it will be interesting to see what she does next or if she just returns to normal New York life.

On Saturday we went to see Quantum of Solace. This latest Bond film is getting really mixed reviews, but we enjoyed it a lot. I think Daniel Craig makes a great James Bond and I loved the action, although like Transporter 3, I wish filmmakers would cut back a tad on the quick-edit action scenes. I never quite figured out why they called it Quantum of Solace, but I guess that isn’t important.

I played a bit more Super Mario Galaxy, which is a really great game. I’ve always been a huge fan of the “platformer” genre of video games and it’s sad to me that almost no good platformers are being made these days. I’ve decided to try to take my time with Mario Galaxy as I there isn’t likely to be anything else like it for a long time.

I played a few more hours of Fallout 3. I’ve decided I think it is a markedly better game than Oblivion was. I really enjoyed Oblivion but I think Fallout 3 solves most of Oblivion’s problems. In my opinion, the major corrections found in Fallout 3 include -a- the VATS targeting system, which really makes the game a joy to play -b- an improved “save” system -c- I prefer the guns over spells and swords, -d- much better voice acting, and -e- I prefer the stats and perks system in Fallout 3. I stand by my previous thought that Fallout 3 is a much bigger and deeper game then Fable II, but because of its size and depth it probably isn’t for the casual gamer; the casual gamer would be better off playing Fable II. Personally, I am glad I have played both games, as they are both a lot of fun.

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