Amazon Prime

Note: the below text may sound like an ad, but it’s not – I don’t get anything if you try Prime, I just find it to be useful and think you might as well.

I’ve been using for years, it’s no secret that I love the convenience of buying (and selling) on Amazon. A couple years ago, Amazon offered a free trial of Amazon Prime – a service where you get free 2nd day shipping and $4 next-day shipping (not just for items you buy for yourself, but for items you send to anyone). The only caveat is that the item must be something sold directly by Amazon, not items sold by one of the other vendors that sell through Amazon. I used Prime to buy most of my Christmas presents that year and when the trial was expiring I decided it was worth paying the yearly fee to keep Prime. Amazon is again offering a free Amazon Prime trial. Given that the holidays are coming up, if you already buy items with Amazon I would encourage you to sign up for the free trial, if for nothing else than for sending some of your Christmas presents. If you don’t find it useful, just cancel. You may find you are like me and find Prime to be practically indispensable. It is worth knowing that you can share you Amazon Prime account with a few family members, so it quickly becomes an even better deal.

In case you missed the link above, click here to try Prime for free.

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