Sad, Yet Thankful

My dad, the best man I know, died this last week. He battled cancer for a couple years and finally it got the best of him, although he put up a good fight.

I am thankful for good doctors. Even though he endured surgery, chemo-therapy, and radiation treatments I am thankful that at the end he was only in the hospital for about a week and the suffering was controlled reasonably well. I am thankful his brother Jim and all of my siblings and I made it to see him, talk with him, and laugh with him one last time before he died. He generally appeared to be asleep, but he was often responsive even when you expected he wouldn’t be.  I am thankful for what a great man he was, what a great role model, and what a changer of lives he was.

I am thankful for friends who know how much my father meant to me and have helped and supported me through this, each in their own unique way. I am thankful for my siblings who share my sadness and were able to be with me last week with me, making it that much easier to bear. I am thankful for my amazing wife who is always by my side (and reminds me to come to bed when I am up re-writing my blog at 3am for the 10th time because I can’t seem to write exactly what I am feeling).

I lost my mom in 2001 to cancer. I miss her every day, but I am thankful my dad found Ann. Ann and her family were not only a blessing to my father, but they continue to be a blessing to me and my family. Thank you Ann (and all of your wonderful family).

Not the least of all I am thankful my parents chose me. They loved me unconditionally and even through great distances of time, space, or life they have never and will never leave my side or my heart.

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