Amazing Movie, New TV Shows

I saw the previews for Zombieland a few weeks ago. It showed some promise, but too many movies show promise and fail to deliver. I am happy to say that Zombieland delivers and in spades. I went to see it at the local gigaplex… they were offering it on normal screens and on “Giant Screen” which means they project it on their IMAX screen but without the extra IMAX features – it’s large but it doesn’t consume the whole screen. Anyway. It was a fun, funny movie: Dripping in style, great writing, nice effects. There isn’t a single thing I would change about it. If you like comedy zombie films like Sean of the Dead you should check this out. Woody H. was a perfect choice for co-lead on this film. Jesse Eisenberg was also a very good choice although I kept thinking he was going for a Michael Cera thing throughout the movie – I could almost hear the director shouting “do more Michael Cera!”. Not to be missed (but probably not for the kiddies).

On to some new TV shows (or new to us, anyway). We finally started watching Lie To Me after my sisters urging since it started. We’re really enjoying it and trying to catch up so we can start season 2 which the TiVo is recording for us. We’re enjoying Glee – sort of an American Idol meets sit-com. The first episode of Community was a huge train wreck, in our opinion (which is too bad, we like most of the people), but the second episode redeemed it self a bit and was watchable – we’ll see how it shapes up. Parks and Recreation is still “pretty new” and is continuing to show promise. The Forgotten is very Cold Case-ish but we’re enjoying it. Sons of Anarchy isn’t terribly new to me (I loved season 1) but if you aren’t watching it, go get the season 1 DVDs and get busy. Finally, Flash Forward is showing real promise – very interesting premise and solid execution so far.

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