After hearing all the buzz and review, I went ahead and pre-ordered Bioshock (the Limited Edition) – I rarely get Limited Edition versions, but the Big Daddy figurine was just too cool. I picked it up on my way into work on Tuesday – happily the Gamestop in Herald Square opens at like 8:30am. I am now (almost) two levels into the game and I must say it is really pretty fantastic – definitely a Game of the Year contender. I got it for the 360 and after reading about system requirements (and some crashing issues) I am glad I got the 360 version.

I played the EA demo for skate last night (again on the 360). Game control is vastly different from games like Tony Hawk – only time will tell but this really is the first game that has a chance of dethroning the Hawk – we’ll just see if people still care… I am not sure I am really interested in another skateboarding game.

I picked up Picross for the DS last week which is a lot of fun, been playing with the missus. It provides electronic versions of Pic-a-Pix puzzles which I had seen before but never played – they are a lot of fun, try some out (on paper with a pencil).

Oh, one more thing… I “finished” Crackdown, 1250 out of 1250 achievement points (on the 360). This game was fantastic… a real time eater but a lot of fun.

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