The NY State Fair

The missus and I decided to have a road trip weekend and went up to Syracuse for the New York State Fair. We’ve both done various state and county fairs and we thought it would be interesting to see how NY State did it. In short, we had a really good time – it was very well run, lots of “interesting folks” to see, lots of interesting activities (many hands on) and lots of animals (dang, cows get really, really big). We took lots of pictures. Our recent fair experiences have been at the NM State Fair and we both thought that this is a much nicer fair in every respect. While there was the expected “farmer” and “rancher” presence, the “hick” and “skank” presence was very, very low – which is noticeably different from NM State and most other fairs we’ve attended. We took the “scenic”, leisurely route back, spending the night near Scranton, PA (as an homage to The Office). Very nice weekend.

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