Jekyll and Hyde Club, NYC

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while (but it appears the missus beat me to it)… we went to the Jekyll and Hyde Club a few weeks ago and wanted to get the word out – if you had some idea of going on your next NYC visit, just skip it. The food is expensive and mediocre (and I think mediocre is being generous), the place seems like it is run by college kids (or high school kids?). It isn’t terribly entertaining. We did visit each of the four floors, we really wanted to enjoy it – but it really boils down to if you aren’t an eight year old boy with an overactive imagination it really isn’t that interesting. The displays they have might have seemed cutting edge in the 1970’s, but now they just seem sad and cheap and they hardly ever activate, so unless you are sitting there having dinner you won’t seem the displays running. It is really designed to get people to visit once, get them in, take their money, send them on their way. I’m not sure who would visit and return.

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